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Steaks By Mail

Steaks by mail are a great alternative to the local butcher, with online orders guaranteeing quick home delivery from a number of vendors.

Food shopping is a chore that everyone needs to do, although finding the time to visit a store when life is busy may not always be so easy. However, for many food products there are alternatives to going to a grocery store these days. Steaks by mail is an example of this and there are a number of companies that provide this service.

As the name implies, steaks by mail is a service whereby meat is ordered and delivered to your door through a postal or courier service. Many companies that provide the service have internet operations and ordering steaks can be done through this. However, the majority will also take orders by phone and therefore having a PC and internet connection is not essential to using the service.

There are a few advantages to ordering steaks by mail, with convenience being one of the main ones. It means that shopping can be done from the comfort of your own home, rather than having to go into town to shop at a store. It is also easier to shop around to find the type of steak that you want. In town this would typically mean running from store to store which can be a laborious task. However using the phone or internet means that shopping around a few different companies to find exactly what you want can be done a lot quicker.

Using a mail order steak service can also be a way to get access to better quality meat. Not every neighborhood has a good quality butcher operating, and it also may not be easy for people to go to a farmers market. However, most of the companies that offer steaks by mail have a range of prime quality cuts available and it can be a simpler prospect to find the quality and type of steak that you want. Most have a variety of cuts available from T-bone to sirloin, ribeyes and tenderloin and these can be processed in different ways with fresh, dry aged, wet aged and marbled steak typically available.

When looking for a mail order steak service it can be sensible to try and find one close by as this can help to cut down on the delivery time. However, most services will deliver meat frozen and therefore whichever company is used the steak should arrive in good condition. It can also pay to check out testimonials for a company and try to get some feedback on the quality of meat they produce, as this can help to ensure you are dealing with a reputable company.

Some of the companies operating in the steaks by mail market that get good reviews include Allen Brothers and Lobels. Other good services include Prime Chops, Kansas City Steaks and Peter Lugers. The cost will typically depend on the company used, the quality of the meat and the cut selected. Four 16oz ribeyes steaks from Allen Brothers, for example, costs around $140, while four USDA prime 24oz dry aged strip steaks from Peter Lugers cost around $220. More affordable options include four 10oz beef skirt steaks from Prime Chops which cost around $37.

Purchasing steaks by mail can be a good way to get access to prime quality meat. There is a wide variety of steaks available to ensure that, whatever your preference you should be able to find it, and purchasing mail order steaks is a convenient way to shop that can save time better used for other purposes.

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