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Meat Slicers

Meat slicers can be found online for both commercial and home use, with electric and manual slicers and grinders widely offered online.

Sliced meat can be used in a variety of ways. It can be enjoyed as part of a meal, although many people also like to have it on a sandwich. While it is possible to buy sliced meat from the deli counter of a grocery store or from a butchers shop, it is also possible to slice your own. While this can be done with a knife, a much easier way is to use appliances known as meat slicers.

Meat slicers are typically small, counter top devices that are capable of slicing a thicker joint of meat into slices. Most these days are typically electrical powered and are adjustable such that the thickness of the slices can be altered to suit your needs. While the machines were once the preserve of butcher shops and deli counters, this is no longer the case. Many models are designed for home use and there can be a few benefits in owning one.

The obvious benefit of using meat slicers in the home is that it makes it possible to slice meat to the thickness that you prefer. This can be a more affordable option that purchasing sliced meat in a store. While specifically aimed at slicing meat, the devices can also be used on other foods and it is possible to slice fruit, vegetables, cheese and even bread with the machines. This makes them versatile and it can therefore be a good appliance to have available.

When using meat slicers, it is generally recommended that the food be placed in the refrigerator prior to placing in the device. This helps to firm the food up a little, which can make cutting easier without the food breaking up and this can be especially so with thin slicing. It also pays to be careful when using the machine as the blade can be extremely sharp. Reading the instructions for using the machine and the safety information prior to use is a common sense thing to do.

For those interested in purchasing a meat slicer there are a few manufacturers that produce them. Chef Knives to Go is one of these and they have two brands of slicers for meat available, one aimed at the home market and the other at the commercial market. The Chef’s Choice models are aimed at homeowners and there are a few to choose from. Prices start at around $100 for the Chef’s Choice Model 610, which is one of their top selling slicers for meat. This is fitted with a 7-inch stainless steel blade which is capable of slicing from deli-thin to around 1-inch thick. More expensive models aimed at homeowners run to a cost of around $450.

The Sirman models from Chef Knives to Go are aimed at the commercial market. There are four different models to choose from with prices ranging from $600 to $1,200. The Sirman Mirra 300 12-inch Slicer costs $895 and is aimed at smaller to medium sized commercial meat selling operations. Other manufacturers of meat slicers include Berkel, American Harvest and Deni and these all have a range of equipment available, with costs typically starting at less than $100.

Meat slicers can be a useful kitchen appliance to have available. While they are typically used by butchers and deli counters, slicers aimed at the homeowners market can also be found on the market these days. They are simple to operate and can make it a simpler task to slice meat and a variety of other foods.

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