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Meat Saw

The meat saw comes in different forms, including the table top, band saw, and meat slicer.

A meat saw is a very useful tool to cut a large amount of meat into smaller and more manageable pieces.  There are a variety of different meat saws, with different functions and purposes concerning how the meat is processed.  Three of the major different varieties are the meat band saw, table top saw, and meat slicer, all of which use saw like blades to get the job done.  Each play a pivotal role in how meat is processed, and all are necessary parts of the meat cycle.

The table top meat saw, which is basically the same type you’d use on any hardware project, is used for breaking up very large segments of meat.  These saws come in handy, because of their massive size they are ideal ways to quickly saw apart large segments of meat for later processing.  These meat saws are designed to be so large that they can easily rip through any muscle tissues or bones without a problem, producing a straight and clean cut.  These aren’t the average saw that you would see in a butcher shop, but are usually reserved for large meat processing plants.

A more common meat saw for this type of duty at a smaller butcher shop, is the meat band saw.  Designed basically just like a regular band saw, this is useful for the big jobs that can’t be done as easily with a regular hand knife.  A band saw is useful for sawing through the tough muscle, sinew, and bone parts of the meat, and can really cut down on the amount of time it takes to get the job done.  Although on the surface, these meat saws look like your ordinary band saw, they are actually specifically designed for meat cutting.  Featuring a larger slide tray, in addition to blood grooves in the stainless steel countertops, for easy clean up after use.

A meat band saw is a more realistic option for the average butcher, and is much more affordable than a table top saw.  This type of meat saw can be found for as little as $250, but can run double that.  To benefit with a lower price, make sure that you always shop around before settling on one meat saw that you’ve seen.  You may find a better one around the corner, with more features that matter to you, for an even cheaper price.

Finally, the most common and usually the most affordable meat saw is the meat slicer.  Through a sawing motion that you control, a meat slicer can effectively cut a smaller slab of raw meat into slices of almost any size.  The way that the meat slicer works is by placing a slab of boneless processed meat onto a slide mechanism.  Then the operator simply slides the meat back and forth, and a saw at the base of the device cuts the meat into designated slices of a length that you set before you begin slicing.

This kind of meat saw can cost anywhere from the low price of $80, but can also be as much as $300 for top line models.  A meat slicer is a great way to get deli quality meat cutting in your home, and is much more practical than a meat band saw, or table saw.

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