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Meat Saw Blades

Meat saw blades come in a wide variety of types to ensure the optimal cuts of meat.

When you’re talking about meat saw blades, there are a variety of different types, each with their own importance and ease of use.  Typically these blades are used for two reasons, sawing through bone and sawing the meat into manageable cuts or slices.  A meat saw has to be able to hold up for a long time, as well as maintain a very sharp edge.  For smooth meat cuts, you have to ensure that you have a finely sharpened blade, or else your slices could end up jagged.  Finding the right meat saw blade for your needs is essential, whether cutting meat at home, or running a butcher shop.

One of the most important meat saw blades, is the “old school” meat hand saw.  Not unlike a wooden hand saw, the meat saw is designed to cut through bones and big slabs of meat with ease.  Of course, even a very sharp blade will require a lot of effort on your part, as sawing through bone by hand isn’t an easy job.  These are helpful for large slabs of muscle and flesh, but for the bones an automated saw is more useful.

The most commonly used electric meat saw blade is the band saw.   Differing only slightly from a band saw you’d see in any hardware shop, a meat band saw blade is designed to handle big jobs.  Featuring easy cleaning stainless steel surfaces, a meat band saw has a wide slide track that can be used for very large slabs of meat.  Meat band saw blades will also chop through any of the bones with an ease that you’ll greatly appreciate.  Most band saws use meat saw blades featuring very fine teeth with heat treated tips that are designed for longevity, as well as smooth cuts.

Then of course, if you need meat saw blades to get the job done, none is more important as a meat slicer.  These feature large circular saw blades that have tempered or even scalloped edges to smoothly slice meat into very fine strips.  A meat slicer is what any common deli uses to achieve thin sandwich stylized slices of processed meat.  However they aren’t very useful on anything containing bone of any kind, as the blades tend to be a little bit fragile.  To slice such thin pieces of meat, slicer blades have to be very sharp, so they require a lot of regular sharpening in order to achieve desired results.

If you need to buy a meat saw, or a replacement blade, most hardware stores will have a variety of blades that suffice.  If there is nothing suitable in your area, you can also try online sites that are specific to this type of tool.  Online mega-stores like WebstaurantStore.com are a good place to go, and offer a wide variety of meat saw blades.

Replacement band saw blades can cost anywhere from only $5 to as much as $15 depending upon type.  Meat slicer blades are slightly more expensive, because of their delicate quality.  A meat slicer blade on average will cost you $50.  For a meat hand saw, the really quality models run $80-$100.  Anything cheaper isn’t guaranteed to last as long, or be as effective on bone, so don’t be afraid to spend the money on a good saw.

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