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Meat Band Saw

A meat band saw is common for cutting meats in butcher shops and in homes.

A meat band saw is a practical way to achieve butcher quality cuts of meat, right from your own home.  Or if you’re a butcher, this could be an ideal way to slice the larger slabs of meat, with less effort required on your part.  Meat band saws are fairly common, and most butcher shops have one or two.  These are extremely useful, because they serve as an easy means of sawing through the tougher parts of an animal, like bone.  Usually that’s a tremendous amount of work, if you’re cutting by hand.  A meat band saw can really save you some elbow grease, as well as time that could be devoted somewhere else.

Meat band saws are designed slightly differently than your average band saw.  Although both are very similar, the meat specific model is designed with meat cutting in mind.  Usually all surfaces are made with stainless steel, making for an effectively strong countertop, that is also easy to clean.  The surfaces usually feature blood grooves to drain fluids off the table, onto a designated place on the floor, also making cleaning much easier.  The whole of the meat band saw is designed for cleanliness to be as easy as possible, because with raw meat, the cleaner your surfaces, the better.

In addition to serving the cleanliness safety concern, meat band saws also feature large slides, so as to accommodate even the largest slabs of meat.  This way you can have no problem sawing apart and sized cuts of meat, with any safety concerns completely cared for.  The slide is set up so that no matter the size of meat, your hand will never be near the saw itself, so there’s no risk of accidentally cutting yourself.  Although you should always be careful around a meat band saw, because it won’t distinguish between the bones in a slab of meat, and your fingers.

When looking to purchase a meat bandsaw, you can expect to pay over $200 no matter the model.  Think of this as more of an appliance investment for the years that you’ll be able to slice quality meat cuts, without the need of a butcher.  Taking that into account, the cheaper meat saw models don’t have as many helpful features as the more expensive models.  Ease of use, cleanliness, and durability should all be present in your mind when shopping.  Pick a saw that meets those needs, but remember the good band saws can run in excess of $500.

Many specialty hardware stores will have a few meat band saw options.  Although you’re not likely to find a great deal of variety, unless you have a butcher specific shop in your area.  In that case, you might consider searching online, as there are usually good deals and fair shipping prices on a wide variety of saws.  Because you won’t actually be able to see the saw in person until it’s shipped, make sure that you read customer reviews first.  Take any complaints into account before making a purchase.

It’s also usually best to buy a saw from a website that offers some sort of money back guarantee.  That way you have a grace period to try the saw, and if it doesn’t work out, you can ship the saw back and look for a different model.  This way you can get what you want, and have a long lasting meat band saw that you’ll greatly appreciate.

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