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Grass Fed Beef

Grass fed beef is a healthy choice. Organic cattle meat is great for nutrition and tastes better.

Cooking is something that many people find a relaxing and enjoyable pastime and there are many ingredients available for preparing meals. If you and your family enjoy eating meat then there are a few options available as to the type you can buy and cook. However if you enjoy the taste of beef a good option to choose is grass fed beef and this method of feeding cattle ensures the meat produced is succulent and delicious.

For a healthy diet it is important to eat a range of foods and depending on your tastes you may or may not eat meat. If you do however there are a range of meats to choose from and one of the best around these days is grass feed beef. This meat is produced from cattle that largely consume a grass diet. Generally the cattle live and are raised on open pastures where they can forage for a natural diet of grass which is pesticide free.

Cattle that produce grass fed beef are raised in a natural way and eat the best forage available. This ensures that the meat produced is of the highest quality with excellent flavor and tenderness. If you enjoy eating beef therefore it can be a good choice to make.

There are a variety of products that can be produced using beef from cattle that are grass fed. Steak is an option and tenderloin, rib eye and sirloin steak are available from a number of producers. However it can also be used to make sausages, bacon, beef jerky, beef sticks and stewing meat, all of which are popular products with many people.

If you are interested in trying the taste of beef from grass fed cattle there are a number of manufacturers that produce this. Many of these have there own farms and they raise and care for the cattle as well as having their own processing facilities where they produce the meat. This ensures that the best quality is achieved and some of the manufacturers include American Grass Fed Beef and Slanker’s Grass Fed Meat which sell their products through the internet. Another good web retailer to consider is Eat Wild as they can provide details of pasture based farms around the country meaning you can easily find a farm in your area. This website has details of more than 1,000 farms and is continually updated.

The cost of buying beef produced by grass fed beef will depend on the product you purchase. It can be sold in a number of different ways and it is possible to buy sausages, bacon and steaks in packs of around $50. An example of this is the four 8oz Dry Aged Grass Fed Rib Eye Steak from American Grass Fed Beef which costs $59 to purchase. However if you have storage space available you can purchase in bulk with a Half Side pack from Slanker’s Grass Fed Meat costing almost $1,200 and including 200lbs of meat products. This includes a variety of products from stewing meat to rib eye steak.

If you enjoy the taste of beef then choosing grass fed beef is one of the best options available. The cattle are raised on a natural grass diet in an open pasture environment and the meat they produce is therefore of the highest quality. This makes it a good option to choose when you are considering the ingredients for cooking your meals.

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