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Electric Meat Grinder

An electric meat grinder is an extremely handy commercial kitchen appliances, chopping up ground beef, sausage and more for easy preparation.

Many people enjoy cooking and there are a range of kitchen appliances produced to assist with this. These are typically manufactured to carry out a variety of tasks and for those that like to cook hamburgers, meat loaf and other dishes where meat needs to be ground down, an electric meat grinder can be a good choice of appliance.

An electric meat grinder is typically a counter-top device that is used to reduce solid cuts of meat down to minced meat. Most devices generally comprise a hopper in which the meat is placed and from this it is forced down into the grinding blades which chops it into minced meat. Generally a meat grinder will be supplied with a few different cutting plates that can be used to vary the size of the minced meat from fine to coarse. Many will also have additional attachments available, such as sausage stuffers for making your own sausages.

The advantage of having an electric meat grinder available is that it speeds up the process of chopping meat into mince. While the process can be done with a knife or a manual grinder this can be laborious and take time and for those that cook with minced meat on a regular basis, having a meat grinder powered by electricity can be a much more convenient option. An electrical powered meat grinder can also have other benefits and makes it easier to grind other ingredients, such as seasoning or vegetables into the meat.

There are a number of manufacturers that produce electric meat grinding devices, with both home and commercial appliances being available. Some of the better known brand names in the market include Waring, Villaware, Hobart and Cabelas. A device that gets good reviews is the Waring MG800 Professional Meat Grinder. This can be found for sale at around $200 and is produced in attractive stainless steel. It is generally considered to be a good quality grinder which comes with three cutting plate sizes and two sausage stuffing attachments. It has a heavy duty 450-watt motor and this is powerful enough to undertake most household meat grinding tasks.

Another electric meat grinder that is considered to be a good quality device is the Villaware V5267 Elite ProGrinder, which can be found on the market for around $150. It features a powerful 550-watt motor, is manufactured from stainless steel and includes a reverse switch to reduce the chances of meat jamming in the device.

The cost of electric meat grinders will typically depend on the brand name, power and features included on a device. Basic electrical powered meat grinders can be found for around the $50 mark, although for higher quality commercial equipment the cost can increase to in excess of $500.

For those that enjoy cooking, an electric meat grinder can be a good kitchen appliance to have available. They are simple to use, although safety should always be kept in mind when using a device. They enable meat to be quickly and easily ground down with little effort and this can be used to produce delicious meat loaf, sausages and hamburgers.

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