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Dry Aged Beef

Dry aged beef uses an aging process to form delicious steak and meat.

Many people like to include meat in their diet and as well as providing you with a number of the required daily nutrients, this can also make a delicious meal. Beef is one of the popular meats and there are many different cuts to choose from. If you enjoy tender meat with enhanced flavor then dry aged beef is a product to consider and this can be an excellent choice of meat to include in your meals.

Dry aged beef is meat that has been hung up to dry for a period of time. This can be done for as little as seven days or up to several weeks. There are a number of advantages to using this process in the production of beef which can help to make it better meat for consumption. Typically in the dry aging process a whole side of beef or larger cuts of meat will be hung at or close to freezing temperatures. This causes moisture to evaporate from the meat and also helps the meats natural enzymes break down muscle tissue. The two main benefits of this are that it concentrates the flavor of the meat and also makes the beef more tender.

Dry aging of beef is typically used on the higher grade cuts of meat and the overall effect is to produce high quality beef which is tender and full of flavor. It is therefore considered a gourmet food and is typically found in more upscale establishments and is less likely to be found for sale in grocery stores.

However, if you like the thought of trying dry aged beef there are a number of manufactures that produce beef in this manner. Many of the farms that raise cattle and care for them also process the meat and a number of these use the dry aging process as part of this. Some of the manufacturers to consider include American Grass Fed Beef, Allen Brothers and Lobels. They sell their meat via mail order and details of how to purchase this can be found on their websites. They sell a number of beef products that have been dry aged and this includes steaks, tenderloins, roasts and products such as sausages made with beef which has been dry aged.

The cost of dry aged beef will vary depending on the type of meat you purchase. Steaks can be purchased for around $10 a time with an example of this being the four 8oz Dry Aged Grass Fed Rib Eye Steaks from American Grass Fed Beef which cost around $59 to purchase. A roast can be more expensive with a 20oz Bacon Wrapped Dry Aged Tenderloin Roast from Lobels costing around $56. However the cost is not prohibitive and beef products that have been dry aged are a luxury that most people can try.

If you enjoy meat that is tender and full of flavor then one of the best options can be to choose dry aged beef. The dry aging process ensures that the beef has the best possible flavor and this can make it a delicious product to include in the meals you prepare for friends and family.

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