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Buy meat online through one of the many gourmet mail order meat companies.

These days literally everything is available for sale on the internet.  Online stores have grown to accommodate literally every product you could ever think up.  That also means that there are online shops dedicated to selling meat.  It may sound unconventional to buy meat online, but shopping at the right online store is no more unsafe than buying meat at your local grocer.  The main thing is finding respectable online meat retailers.  There are specific methods for which meat should be shipped, in order to arrive at your home in a safe fashion.

First off, do a little research of your own, before choosing to order meat online.  Make sure that the store you’re considering is easy to find on any search engine, and see what customers are saying about the site.  The positive reviews aren’t very useful, as that doesn’t tell you want can go wrong when ordering from that store.  Instead, try to focus on finding any negative review that you can.  Frequent negative reviews is a sign that you probably shouldn’t use that internet retailer.  But if you only find a few negative reviews, pay attention to what they say.

If the bad reviews make any references to poorly handled shipping, causing meat to arrive that was unusable, you may want to find a different store to buy meats online from.  You can’t chance that something could go wrong with your order, because mishandling of meat is a risky prospect.  Meat should be shipped quickly, with dry ice to keep the temperature at an appropriately low level to prevent bacterial growth.  Any mail order meat retailer that doesn’t appear to regularly practice safe methods isn’t worth your money.

So in order to find the best place to buy meat online from, use a search engine.  Google is a good choice, because Google is one of the, if not the biggest, search engine available. From there, a good place to look are the sponsored links.  Those are offered up by the biggest online retailers, and some of the most common you’ll find in those results are Omaha Steaks, and Chicago Steak Company.

Both are reputable brands that feature a wide variety of meats available to ship anytime.  Both go above and beyond your traditional steakhouse offerings as well.  Omaha Steaks offer anything from lobster tails, to burgers, all great tasting grill options.  Chicago Steak Company has a wide variety as well, but not quite as large as Omaha.  Omaha Steaks also has the better deals, at first.  Although Omaha Steaks’ prices are quite high in most cases, you can usually slip into a special sale for first time buyers who order meat online from them for their first time.

Effectively using the new customer incentives, and then managing your account to only order the prime meat cuts when they are on sale, is a great way to keep high quality meats shipping to your house.  Omaha Steaks also has an option to look at overstocked items.  These are usually sold at a very cheap price, and are often times of a higher quality of anything you could find at your local butcher.

The only problem is that all the meat is frozen for safety purposes.  This means you lose some of the flavor that a fresh steak would have.  But cooked carefully, most people won’t even taste the difference when you buy meat online.

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